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CSM tools 2023
Clear Stream Manufacturing(CSM) is a scenario for changing business process and organization in the manufacturing companies. CSM shorten delivery time and create a lean structure that can adapt to changes in the business environment. Time, process and organization are visualized for KAIZEN.
CSM contains tools for "Top grade process" and "Autonomous organization". In 2023 edition, 64 tools represented in short phrases@are provided.
Changing behavior by visualization Visualizing policy and goal 1 Determine evaluation indexes.
2 Show the annual plan.
3 Decide how to grasp performance.
4 Share the results monthly.
Visualizing organization and process 5 Make maps of department and process.
6 Make maps of work route.
7 Standardize the name of process.
8 Decide what to enter and exit.
Visualizing plan and instruction 9 Indicate the final due date.
10 Indicate load status.
11 Make the daily action plan.
12 Easier orders and daily report.
Visualizing flow and information 13 Show where to enter and exit.
14 Measure the elapsed time.
15 Assess the lack of resources.
16 Add a lack of resources.
Changing process by linking Recognizing delivery characteristics of process 17 Make the spare capacity graph.
18 Describe the processing period.
19 Slow train, packed train, or missed train.
20 Synchronization, same amount, or simultaneous.
Improvement of late delivery 21 See works and information in order.
22 Eliminate the branching and merging.
23 Change the definition of department.
24 Transform the connection of companies.
Improvement of direct work 25 Compact the work area.
26 Two people work makes waste.
27 Determine the standard work.
28 Reduce the stagnation location.
Improvement of indirect work 29 Grasp the operating rate.
30 Material waiting makes waste.
31 Make buffer against the express work.
32 Distinguish preliminary date and overtime.
Changing mind by learning Keeping promises 33 Delivery determines quality.
34 Decide the opportunity to act.
35 Do in small area, then expand.
36 Schedule three times of rework.
Increasing individual skills 37 Deploy from philosophy to skills.
38 Evaluate in two-way.
39 Determine the desired skills after 6 months.
40 Check growth every three months.
Execution of 5S's 41 No tomorrow in dirty company.
42 Decide location for unwanted materials.
43 Dispose and sort for information.
44 Clean for information.
Continuous improvement 45 Motivation comes out by action.
46 Use today's time within today.
47 Use 2% time for KAIZEN.
48 Effect will come compound interest.
Changing organization by decentralization Increasing team performance 49 IoC is more important than IoT.
50 Promise due date and responsible person.
51 Feel, imagine, do, share in KAIZEN.
52 Show the results of activities.
Activities as autonomous organization 53 Understand the customer preferences.
54 Measure by customer satisfaction.
55 Financial statements for each department.
56 Financial statements for each department.
Self-determination of daily operation 57 Only one department is responsible.
58 Number of signature is less than 2.
59 Performance is graded by achievement.
60 understand the department charge rate.
Self-determination of long-term plan 61 Display the management philosophy.
62 Revise the medium-term plan.
63 Procure human resource and equipment by their own.
64 Tell the story of one and only.

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