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Top grade process 2023
 2023 edition, revised some terms.
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Half delivery time makes double profit.
Clear Stream Manufacturing(CSM) is a scenario for changing business process and organization in the manufacturing companies. CSM shorten delivery time and create a lean structure that can adapt to changes in the business environment. Time, process and organization are visualized for KAIZEN.
Top grade process is a main elements of CSM. KAIZEN for half delivery time are carried out practically.
The effects obtained are
process speed and profit are increased,
"when" "who" "what to do" is determined,
determination is actually take place.
Shorting delivery time one month increases cash corresponding 1.5 to 3 months sales.
Sales is increased
by efficiency of the operating activities,
by decreasing order backlog,
by customers who seek a quick delivery,
by preceding profit of new products.

Cost is decreased
by the latest material prices,
by the latest cost-down design,
by reducing purchase managers,
by reducing defective product.

Inventry is decreased
with increasing cash changed from inventory,
with reducing unsold discount,
with reducing the disposal product,
with reducing the interest burden of inventory,
with reducing warehouse rent and manager,
with reducing cargo handling.
Changing behavior and Changing process
Top grade process Changing behavior
by visualization
Visualizing policy and organization
Visualizing flow and time
Changing process
by linking
Improvement of late delivery
KAIZEN at one point concentration
PhaseTypical mattersStandard periodExample of tools

Ddfining material flow and information flow by business map and stagnation map,
Assessment of the level of synchronization, capacity and parallelism of business process
Deciding basic policy of business process flow,
Measuring rotation rate and yield rate of goods and information.
3 months Stock factor map
Stock factor map

KAIZEN at one point concentration,
"Who do it?" "When you did it?" are repeated,
KAIZEN by small team,
Repeat continuously.
3 months Schedule flow diagram
Schedule flow diagram
Is there any such symptoms?
Late delivery are rapidly increasd when orders are increased. There is a "flow volume problem". You must have spare capacity expansion.
Late delivery are not increasd when orders are increased. There is a "flow speed problem". You must reduce the stagnation of the process.
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