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Autonomous organization 2024
 2024 edition, revised some terms.
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Autonomous organization has double speed in KAIZEN
Clear Stream Manufacturing(CSM) is a scenario for changing business process and organization in the manufacturing companies. CSM shorten delivery time and create a lean structure that can adapt to changes in the business environment. Time, process and organization are visualized for KAIZEN.
Autonomous organization is a main elements of CSM. Improving organization capability and human resource leads to KAIZEN for half delivery time, quality and profit.
The effects obtained are
speed increases that correspond to changes in the business environment,
ability of executives rises,
development period of the new product can be shortened.
Source of value-added
An increase in the value-added is required in every industry. Source of added value is the people who work. Their ability, motivation and ethics is important.
Organization capability is also important. The organization capability is the quality of the rules and mechanisms for communication and decision-making. Even at high human resource capability, low organization capability leads to low company performance.
Autonomous organization aims to network type organization. Front in contact with the market has the authority. Network type organization will develop an autonomous human resources. Their creativity and behavior speed is improved.
Changing human resource capability and Changing organizational capability
Autonomous organization Changing mind
by learning
Increasing individual skills
Continuous improvement
Changing organization
by decentralization
Increasing team performance
PhaseTypical matters and objectivesStandard periodExample of tools
Increasing individual skills Visualization of individual skills The average skill point 0.2 up 3 months Personal goal description sheet
Personal goal description sheet
Continuous improvement KAIZEN of hands-on approach
Carry out in the three months a theme
3 months Department management board
Department management board
Increasing team performance Visualization of shared know-how
10 sharing know-how per person
3 months Listen to recommendations
Listen to recommendations
Self-determination Line company system
Double profit
Double new product ratio
3 months Breakeven three view
Breakeven three view
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